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Call of Duty review

One of the most popular gaming franchises of all time is the world-renowned shooter series, Call of Duty. Since 2003, Activision has been continuously releasing war-based first-person shooters in the Call of Betting Duty franchise that have taken the world by storm. The most recent game in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a total user count of over sixty million players, an astonishing number for a series that is almost 17 years old. Unlike many franchises that have existed since the dawn of gaming, this one has only gotten more popular and beloved over time, never losing its charm or appeal. 

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Call of Duty Betting

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter game that has been launched in 2003. And since then, it became one of the most sought after video game by professional gamers. And now, as part of the Esports world, it is also a favorite in the online betting arena. Call of Duty is an ideal game for bettors, mainly because:

It has multi-layer maps and layouts

When a game is as wide and huge as Call of Duty, there can be lots of bets that can be created. Call of Duty has different betting types that bettors to choose from. This makes betting more varied and fun. It adds excitement and providing more options to the bettors will make them want to keep betting.

Call of Duty esports betting

It is sought-after

Betting sites will not put a game in their list if they are not sure that it will be flocked and supported by online bettors. It is an ideal game for betting because bettors love the game itself and its popularity will keep betting going continuously.

It has continuous tournaments

Because of the popularity of Call of Duty, there are many tournaments and competitions that happen in different countries. This makes it ideal for betting, as bettors will have lots of options on the matches to place bets on. They can also be sure that they will not run out of matches and competitions to bet on.


Different countries are allowed to join tournaments, allowing more people to see the games and place bets. There are tournaments that are based on regions or countries which will give way for foreign bettors to take part and place their bets on their favorite team, country or region.

Call of Duty is a favorite betting game among the online betting sites. It is exciting, huge and fun that bettors cannot get enough of it. Therefore, majority of online betting sites have Call of Duty in their arsenal in the Esports betting games.

Call Of Duty Betting Tips: Understanding Call of Duty Betting Odds

The Esports betting odds in an Esport game like Call of Duty are difficult to predict or create. It is because this is a game that depends on how the players will play and perform. However, there are still some things that you can consider when choosing where to place your bets.

Statistics analysis

Call of Duty PC

No one wants to bet on a player that has had no history of wins, right? With this, you will have to check on the top players and see their statistics for at least the past three to five games. This will give you an idea on who performs consistently well in their matches.

Favorites versus Underdogs

This will require your intuition and choice. The favorites become favorites because they could be winning often, but the underdogs are known to work and play harder. So it is your choice on who to place your bets on.

Popular in bets

There are teams and players who appear to get the most bets in a match. You can follow this trend as some bettors may have already analyzed the gameplay of the player or team while others know how a player performs, which is why they become popular in the game.

Consistent winner

Betting on consistent winners can give you the confidence that your bets will win. Check out the strong contenders in the matches and who wins often in tournaments. Research will be easy through the internet as many Esports sites and pages have featured winners and top performers of different Esports games.

Key Features of a Quality Call of Duty Betting Site

Though there are many online betting sites available online, it is important to examine the site before you register. Here are the key features that you should look for when joining a betting site.

Multiple banking options

A good quality betting site should make deposit and withdrawal easy and fast. It should not give any headache to the members or bettors. The choices of banking methods should also be varied so the members can pick the best and safest method for them. Legit banking methods should only be offered in a betting site.

Call of Duty Xbox

Bonuses and special deals

For most online betting sites, promotions are common. Find a betting site that offers tons of them. Esports Betting Bonuses can be used for other games or in getting points. And it is always nice to receive bonuses.


When joining a betting site, check first if it has the proper licenses. No one would want to play in an illegal site, right? Everyone wants safe and protected online betting, and you can get this by joining a legit and licensed site.

When you join a quality betting site, you can be assured of a great and fun betting or esports fantasy betting experience, especially in an exciting game like Call of Duty.

Types of Bets You can Place on Call of Duty

The types of bets may vary depending on what the betting site offers. For bettors, the more types of bets they can join and place, the better as it makes their betting experience more fun. For Call of Duty, there are many types of bets that bettors can choose from. These are:

Match Winner

This bet will allow bettors to place bets on the player or team that they think will win the match.

Series Winner

For this bet, bettors will choose a player or team that will win the series.

Map Bets

There are several types of bets that can be made on a map. You can bet on a player who will win on a particular map or you can also choose one that will perform best in a map.


There are lots of things that you can bet on with the over/under betting type. You can place bets on the number of kills, or maps won by a team, or anything that focuses on statistics made within the series.

Handicap Bets

This is rarely offered by many online betting sites. This bet will give the underdog a map lead just to make the betting equal.

Prop Bets

These are extra bets that are often offered in betting sites to make the games become more fun and exciting. There are tons to bet on with Props bets like the first kill, first blood, top scorer and many more. These extra bets are created by betting sites to attract more bettors to join and place bets.

Live Bets

This has become a favorite of bettors, not just on Call of Duty but also in other Esports. It is because it allows them to watch and enjoy the matches while making strategies for their bets. Not all online betting sites offer live betting but those that offer it surely get lots of bets placed, especially with the game Call of Duty.

Placing bets on Call of Duty can be thrilling, but it is also important to see which types of bets will work well for you and your analysis. For newbie bettors, it is normal to do a betting spree but as you keep on betting, you will find the right ways to place bets so losing will not be often on your side.

Call Of Duty Betting FAQ

1.       Is betting on Call of Duty legal?

Yes, it is legal. The inclusion of Call of Duty in the online betting sites means that the site and the licensing company of Call of Duty already have legally agreed on certain terms. This then allows the site to carry Call of Duty on the site for betting. Therefore, it is important that bettors adhere to the rules and regulations of the betting site, especially in their age and nationality to make their betting legit.
Also, bettors should take note if online betting is allowed in their country, as some do not allow this activity at all. If a country does not allow online betting but still has betting sites popping up, then the sites are not legit, making their operations illegal. The legitimacy is not on the game of Call of Duty, but with the betting site and the regulations of the country where it will be played.

2.       How to watch pro Call of Duty games to bet on?

These days, Call of Duty is live streamed exclusively on YouTube. But there are already Call of Duty betting sites that show the live streaming of the matches and tournaments. Also, individuals and groups use their social media accounts to air live stream matches of Call of Duty.
When more groups and individuals show the matches of this game, more people will be interested in playing it and also betting on it especially that it is widely offered in many online betting sites.
Finding betting sites that have live stream features will be a plus for your betting experience as you get to enjoy the games while placing your bets on the matches. It is also good if the betting site covers many tournaments and matches of Call of Duty. This way, you will not run out of games to bet on and enjoy. So, choose a betting site that will allow you to see the games live and place bets on it.

COD Betting

With your new knowledge of the massive market Call of Duty contains, you are probably asking yourself where you as a gambler can capitalize on this for personal gain. Though the franchise is hardly new, the gambling scene has still not reached its full maturity, though this should not dissuade you as it applies to most every form of esports betting. There is a very small skill gap between the different competitive players in Call of Duty and this makes for a perfect opportunity to capitalize. Major sports books will choose one team in a match as a huge favorite, but the lack of a skill gap creates a great opportunity for the average gambler. Since the underdog has essentially an even chance of winning a match against the favored opponent, this creates an opportunity for massive gains by betting on said underdog.

Call of Duty esports betting

Despite this, one should never take the advice of a random person on the internet on how to risk one’s money. It is highly advised that if planning on betting on Call of Duty or any other game, you do your research so that you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals in order to make educated bets instead of blind bets. Betting on something you don’t understand is a surefire way to lose a lot of money fast, but if you’ve reached this point in the review, you should have at least the beginnings of an understanding of how Call of Duty is played and how to bet on it.


Call of Duty PC

The first two games in the series took place during World War II and were made by the developer Infinity Ward. The third game in the series was also set in World War II but Activision had opted to let the game developer Treyarch take a crack at it. Despite the change in developer for the third game in the series, Call of Duty 3 lost none of its appeal and was critically hailed as an improvement upon the series.

Due to the success of games from both developers, Activision has decided to alternate between both developers in the production of the series over the years, allowing them to work on countless games simultaneously and release many more than they could by using a single developer. It was not until 2007 that Activision decided to take a step away from the World War II premise and move in a new direction.

Call of Duty Xbox

The fourth game in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, was the first game set in the modern day, and kickstarted a subseries of Call of Duty games which would become, among some fans, a much more popular option for players, having sold over 13 million copies in its first 2 years after release. The success of their World War II stories and their Modern Warfare games paved the way for arguably their most popular series, Call of Duty: Black Ops. The following games in the Call of Duty Franchise widely vary in their setting, some of which return to the World War II where there are, as of now, countless more stories to tell, and games set in the present and future. To date, there are sixteen installments in the Call of Duty series, with a seventeenth on the way and undoubtedly many more to come. 


Call of Duty gameplay

The fundamentals of gameplay in the Call of Duty series are relatively straightforward. Each game has the same style of play, a first-person shooter where the player can choose from either the campaign mode or several different styles of multiplayer matches. Players can run, jump, and shoot their way across a variety of maps either alone, with friends, or with strangers. The minutiae of the multiplayer game-modes are where things start to get a little complicated. There are several different game types for the player to choose from and the premise behind several of them are explained below. 

Team Deathmatch

The first mode is known as Team Deathmatch, where players are placed in one of two teams and tasked with amassing kills, and the team with the most kills at the end of a set time wins the match. 

COD deathmatch


COD domination

The next game mode is Domination, where two teams vie for control of set tactical points across the map. The longer a location is captured and held, the more points are amassed and the team that reaches the maximum points first wins. 

Free for all

The third game mode is known as Free-For-All, where several players are dropped on a map and must kill their way to the top of the leaderboard. This every man for yourself game mode is won by killing the most players by the end of the match time.

COD free for all


COD Gridiron

The next game mode, Gridiron, is a rather interesting one. The goal of the game is for the player and their team to fight for control of a ball at the center of a map, pick it up, and carry it into your opponents’ goal, all while engaging in gunfights to survive and travel across the map. It is almost comparable to a game of Football, but with guns, grenades, and death. 

Search and Destroy

The fourth game mode in question is known as Search and Destroy, where a Defender team is tasked with eliminating all players on the opposing Attacker team and preventing them from planting an explosive at one of two bomb sites. This mode has no respawn so once a single team is eliminated or the bomb is placed, the match ends.

COD search and destroy


COD Hardpoint

Hardpoint is the fifth matchmaking game mode. Similar to Domination, Hardpoint is focused on capturing tactical points, but the difference between Hardpoint and Domination is that at any given moment there is only one single tactical point and it moves over time, instead of having several tactical points that can be captured simultaneously. 

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is the sixth game mode and anyone who played outdoors in their childhood should already know the premise. Two teams of players set out to get into the other team’s base, steal their flag, and carry it back to their own base before either the other team achieves the same goal or the player is killed.

COD Capture the flag

Kill Confirmed

COD kill confimed

Kill Confirmed is a game mode not unlike Team Deathmatch. Teams set out to kill the players of the opposing team, but instead of receiving points upon kill, the player must retrieve a dog tag that drops on the location of the enemy upon their death to claim the points for their kill. 

Mosh Pit

The final game mode we will get into is known as Mosh Pit, which is essentially just a rotating playlist of all the other game modes. This is an excellent option for the indecisive player who does not want to choose from the wide variety of multiplayer options.  In addition to all these modes are many more that vary in availability from game to game. 

Series Success

Best selling Call of Duty titles

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the highest grossing game series in history. Each of its sixteen titles since its launch in 2003 have all sold over 15 million copies to date, adding up to a cumulative total of over 250 million copies across all games. The total earnings of the series in the United States market alone is over 18 billion dollars and over 131 billion dollars internationally. Clearly, in a series with such a high evaluation, there must be several ways for the average person to capitalize on these hit games.


The Call of Duty franchise has had a robust competitive scene for many years now and is only growing. The most recent game in the series to become host to a lucrative competitive prize pool is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The main tournament series, Call of Duty League (CDL), is jointly hosted by Activision and Major League Gaming annually and has a massive prize pool of over 5 million dollars. There are several qualifier matches hosted in various cities internationally for teams to earn one hundred thousand dollars and a spot in the League Finals. This years’ 2020 Finals were played from August 19th to 30th for a grand total of $4.6 million dollars.

Call of Duty League

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Call Of Duty Betting Conclusion

Overall, the Call of Duty franchise is a fantastically lucrative and successful game series that is profitable for companies, gamers, and gamblers alike. With a wide variety of games to choose from on Twitch and pretty much every single esports organization on the planet having a representative team competing year-round, there will always be some sort of opportunities to spectate, play, and gamble for years to come. 

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