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Every gamer surely knows the game Counter-Strike as it has been around for many years. And through time, the game has evolved and improved and now gamers have the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to play and enjoy. This is a multiplayer shooter game that features offensive and defensive tactics of the player to achieve the game goal. It is not a surprise then that CSGO betting has become one of the top betting games in esports.

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Counter Strike Betting

CS:GO Betting

CSGO is ideal for online betting for the following reasons:

Counter Strike Betting is Popular

Counter Strike is known everywhere. And whatever version you put up for betting, bettors will surely flock to the site. As for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it already has a huge following and there are tons of bettors all over the world. This makes the betting game even more challenging and fun.

Multiple Betting Types on Counter Strike Betting Sites

With a big and multi-level Esports game like CSGO, you can expect the betting sites to offer as many betting types as possible. This is to attract more bettors and even more new members to join and bet on counter strike.

Counter Strike Betting Tournaments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has tons to competitions and tournaments to offer to gamers and its fans. Betting sites will never run out of matches to feature for the bettors to bet on counter strike betting site. With this, bettors can be assured of continuous betting all year round. Some sites can even feature several competitions so the bettors can have lots to choose from.


When the game itself is exciting, the excitement that one gets from betting can even be doubled as they are dealing with money. If bettors would want a betting game that they will enjoy, then Counter-Strike Global Offensive is for them.

Available in many Counter Strike Betting Sites

This Esports game is perfect for betting, as betting sites would surely want it to be part of their Esports betting offers. With its popularity, it is widely offered in almost all online betting sites, making it readily accessible to bettors.

Understanding Counter Strike Betting Odds

Reading and understanding the betting can help you land on the right bets. But keep in mind that these are just odds and it will not guarantee you sure win on your bets. For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are two general odds that many bettors know. These are:

American Odds

Counter-Strike Global Offensive betting

This is a betting odd where the favorite and underdogs are indicated. For the favorite, you will see a (-) sign in front of a number. The amount you put on it is the amount you are willing to risk. For the underdog, you will see a (+) sign. The number you will input is the amount you would profit on a bet.

Decimal Odds

For the decimal odds, it is the whole payout instead of just your profit from the bet you have placed. It also follows the rules of the American odds, but the amount will differ since it computes for the total payout.

Understanding the betting odds can help you come up with a good tactic on betting. But it is also important that you understand the game itself. You should also take the time to research and analyze the players and their performances for the matches. This will give you an idea on which player is the best to bet on counter strike. Everyone would want to know the player that wins often, and this is also the one that will get more bets from the bettors. Therefore, analysis on statistics and performance will help you know and see the odds that you should take when placing your bets on this game.

Key Features of a Quality CSGO Betting Site

There are key features that you need to look into when searching for a betting site to join. If you wish to do betting on CS:GO, then the betting site you choose should be able to give you a hassle-free betting experience.


You will not enjoy your betting games when you are having difficulties navigating the site. An excellent betting site has user-friendly features.

Counter Strike Betting site Customer Support

Counter-Strike Global Offensive1

A good betting site has responsive and knowledgeable customer support. It should be available 24/7 since bettors can log and play any time they wish.

Banking Options

It is best to choose a betting site that accepts different banking options just in case you would want to change your deposit options. Also, the options for payment on the site has should be legit.

Counter Strike Betting Bonuses

Bettors look for betting sites where they can get lots of bonuses, as these can be used for extra games or to gain more points. Bonuses can be special deals that bettors can enjoy while playing at the site.

Live Betting

Most bettors prefer live betting as it is more exciting. With this feature, bettors can enjoy watching the games while making strategies on their bets. This is an added feature of a betting site, as not all has live betting as part of their featured offers.

Types of Bets You can Place on Counter Strike

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bettors can enjoy a wide variety of bets that they can play and place. There are many betting sites that create different betting types to engage more bettors to keep playing and betting on CSGO. The bets that you can place on this exciting Esports game are:

Draw bet

With this betting type, you will place bet on counter strike whether the match will be result in a draw or not.

Group of the Winner bet

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

You will place a bet on which group where the winner of the entire tournament belongs.

Group Winner bet

This is a bet where you will place a bet on counter strike the group you think will win the tournament.

Handicap bet

This is a bet where you can choose between the players or team with the advantage or disadvantage you think will win the match.

Over/Under bet

This is a type of bet where the result will depend on statistics. You can place a bet on who made the most kills or who made the first blood and others.

Region winner bet

This betting type allows you to place your bets on a player or team that you think will win the regional competition.

There are also special or uncommon types of betting that many online betting sites are offering. These are:

Map betting

This allows bettors to place bets on players they think will play best on a particular map.

First Blood betting

You can place a bet on the player you think will make the first kill in the match.

Knife Round betting

This bet will let you choose the player you think will make the first score in the knife round of the match.

Pistol Round betting

This bet allows bettors to choose the player who they think will score first in the pistol round of the match.

Top Fragger betting


With this, you are placing a bet on the top player of the match or map based on their scores.

There are still other types of bets that other betting sites create and offer. More options of bets can draw more bettors closer to the site. And with a deep and multi-level action game like CS:GO, there are lots of things that people can bet on counter strike. The excitement of the game can increase with the bets that are being offered by the online betting sites.

CSGO Betting FAQ

Is betting on CS:GO legal?

Yes, it is legal mainly because CS:GO is a legit and licensed game. However, the question of legality will rely on the country where the bettor is. It is because there are countries where online betting is not allowed. If you belong to one of these countries that do not allow online betting, then the act itself is illegal no matter what game you will play.
If you want to ensure that you are playing in a safe and legit mode, then get to know whether online betting is allowed in your country. If allowed and legit, choose sites that are licensed to prevent you from getting into online scams and frauds. Knowing more about the legitimacy of the betting site and betting itself in your country will give you the peace of mind and good betting experience. Do a good research and be safe in your online betting.

How to watch pro CS:GO games to bet on?

There are many ways to watch CS:GO. There are online platforms that stream matches and competitions of the game like YouTube and There are also groups and individuals that share streaming of the matches through their social media accounts, allowing more people to see the games and matches. Today, there are other video streaming platforms that show the matches of this Esport game. This draws fans and bettors closer to the game and enjoy its live action. These are where people can see an entire tournament or even the blow-by-blow matches of CS:GO.
There are online betting sites that have live stream features that will allow the bettors to watch the matches while playing bets. Sites that have live streaming features are usually the ones that offer live betting. With many ways to watch the matches of this exciting game, more fans and bettors can enjoy the thrills that this multi-player shooter game can offer.

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