Forest Bet Review

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  • Written by Brendon Mullins
Updated August 15

Forest Bet Introduction 

Despite being in business for only a year, Forest Bet has quickly grown to become a force not to be reckon with in the online casino business. Established in 2019 and promoted by the Bali Affiliates, Lionel Bets is a new casino and sports book that has attracted players from across the world due to the holistic gaming experience that it has been offering to players. Players can expects a surreal experience while playing from the comfort of their homes. In addition to these attractive features, Forest Bet has also recently launched into allowing players to place E-Sports Bets as well. Without further ado, let me plunge into this review of Forest Bet! 

Forest Bet Promotions

The right bonuses and promotions can help bring about the success of a casino especially when these bonuses help to enhance a player’s winnings. For a start, the casino currently offers a generous match up bonus of 500% for the initial deposit. These bonuses will be able to supplement your games as a fresh player on the casino. Do note that this promotion is not limited to that of online casino games but E-Sports betting as well. With such a generous offer, one should really exploit it to maximise their winnings. 

Games at Forest Bet

Lionel Bets has a wide variety of games that will definitely be able to satiate your inner gamer. Players can try their hand on the classics like Roulette, Baccarat, and many others. For fans of slots, there is a whole range of slot themes that you can go for as well. The casino sources its games from some of the world’s most noteworthy gaming developers such as Microgaming, and Betsoft. So be assured that the odds of these games are definitely fair and no biasness is involved. On a side note, the casino also has a sports book that allows you to do a whole range of betting if you are keen on it. 

Forest Bet E-Sports Betting

Forest Bet has recently branched into E-Sports betting as well. This is currently a relatively new field amongst all the other online casinos out there. However, the operator has taken the gamble and ventured into this field and I must say that they have been doing pretty well thus far! One of the key factor in deciding whether to use a particular platform for your bets would really be its reputation in the online world. Given the proliferation of the internet access around the world, it is easy for one’s reputation to circulate all around the world easily. Therefore, with such bets, it is always important to make sure that the site you are using has a good reputation.

On this note, Forest Bet definitely is the right choice for you. In addition to its reputation, the operator has a wide array of different E-Sports and betting options for you to choose from! With its fanciful betting options, it makes it more exciting for players while having the chance to make a killing! Another key feature of the casino would be promotion whereby I have mentioned above is a great way for players to flip their capital. However, do note that such promotions usually have certain caveats such as minimum wagering requirements that one has to fulfil.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods 

There are various payment methods that one can choose from but do note that for each method, there may be different withdrawal limits and hidden charges. So be sure to check these things out before committing to a single payment method. 

Forest Bet VIP program / Support

The casino does not have a VIP program which does not really matter as ultimately, it is about having fun and making profits in the midst of it. The casino however does have a pretty good customer service support. They are prompt to respond and are polite and knowledgeable that will definitely be able to assist you with your queries. However, it does not have a live chat feature which would have been better as compared to the traditional email and phone support.

Pros & Cons

The pros of Forest Bets Casino includes: 

  • Good Selection of Games  
  • Live Dealer Games are Available
  • Sportsbook Available for those Interested in Betting.

The cons of Forest Bet includes: 

  • No Live Chat Support Feature

Forest Bet Top Games to Bet On

  1. Dota 2 Betting
  2. League of Legends Betting
  3. Overwatch Betting
  4. Valorant Betting
  5. FIFA 2020 Betting
  6. Fortnite Betting
  7. Rocket League Betting
  8. Counter Strike Betting
  9. Call of Duty Betting

Forest Bet Conclusion

All in all, Forest Bet seeks to provide players with a holistic gaming experience and I believed that the casino has been able to achieve that. The only complain that I would have is the lack of a live chat feature and a 24/7 one for that matter. Given the dynamics and spontaneity of casino games which involves real money, I am sure that customers would feel more assured if an actual person is handling any queries that they may have. For those who are interested in E-Sports betting, I would highly recommend Forest Bet as one of the initial platforms that you can try on!  

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