Esports Fantasy Betting 

Before explaining what esports fantasy betting means, we need to shed light on fantasy spot. In simple terms, it is a kind of sport where players assemble an imaginary team. The selection is based on the real players, and the result of the game is decided by considering the real-life performance of the players. 

Furthermore, players’ performance and statistics are converted to digital points. These points are calculated and summed up based on the team’s manager rooster system. The manager of the team can draft, add, trade, or drop players following the actual event happening in the real life. For instance, a player suspended from the team in the real world is not qualified to join the fantasy team.  

If you are interested in fantasy esports betting, then you are on the right page. This article will take you through some key things you need to know about Fantasy esports betting. 

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What is Esports Fantasy Betting? 

Players interested in esports fantasy betting must be acquainted with the dynamics of esports games. Bear in mind that the concept of fantasy esports betting is not different from traditional fantasy sports. To engage in this kind of betting, you have to look for a reliable fantasy esports bookie. Register and select your team of players. 

You win money as your chosen players begin to progress in real-world esports games. Fantasy esports leagues have prize pools that are worth millions of United State dollars.  

It is not difficult to participate in fantasy esports betting. First, select top-ranking professional players and build a great imaginary team. Your selected team win points as your players score in real life. The calculation and summing up of the points are based on the selected rooster system. 

You will earn money from the prize pool if you win. Players can also participate in international competition through fantasy esports. The majority of the well-known betting league bookies offer local and global competition to enliven fantasy esport betting. 

What are the Top Esports Fantasy Games? 

Due to the rise in popularity of esports and fantasy games in recent times, the number of esports games with fantasy options is on the rise.  Below are some popular fantasy esports games that you need to know: 

Fantasy Esports CS: GO 

CS: GO betting is one of the exciting esports games that feature fantasy betting. To participate, select a team and you will be awarded points for Assists, and Kills. Note that you will lose points if a team member dies. In CS: GO fantasy betting, you will earn additional points for Ace, Quad Kill, First Kill, 1v2 Clutch, etc. 

Fantasy Esports League of Legends 

League of Legends (LoL) the most popular esports fantasy game. Nearly all the LoL competition offer fantasy betting. Some of these events include LoL LCS, LEC Lol, LoL Allstars, and LoL LCK.  

To LoL fantasy esports, select five categories of players.  You need a player for Mid, Top, Attack Defensive Carry, Jungler, and support position.  You earn points for assists and kills, while death will make you lose points. 

Fantasy Esports Rocket Leagues

To play fantasy esports rocket league, you need to select seven players. You will earn points based on their performance in the main tournaments.  Other esports games that feature fantasy betting include the following 

  • Call of Duty 
  • Overwatch 
  • Rainbow Six Siege 
  • Fantasy Royale 
  • Fantasy Football 

Fantasy Esports Betting Sites 


This is the most popular fantasy esports platform. It features a vast selection of esports games, including LoL, CS: GO, Call of Duty, as well as Rocket League. Players can win real money at this betting site. Apart from that, the platform features several options, where players can win small rewards and fantasy points. 

Fantasy Esports One 

Fantasy Esports One is also a top fantasy esports betting platform famous for LoL. You don’t pay to use the site, it awards you more points as your selected player destroy turrets, kills, slay dragons, and wins. The website started operation in 2017, and it has continued to record an increase in the number of active users. Presently, the platform has more than 30, 000 regular users. 

This platform is mainly designed for CS: GO fantasy games. It gives you an avenue to create a preferred private league to play against your friends. At, you can select a team with AWP, Coach, Rifler, and IGL. You can play on the website without any payment, and you stand a chance of winning up to 1,000 USD if you emerge as the winner of the year. 

This platform offers fantasy games on LoL and Dota 2.  Soon, the platform will include Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch. This website also features live esports. You stand a chance of winning fantastic prize weekly from the world’s top gaming brands.  


If you prefer to play fantasy esports games on your smartphones or iPhone, you should register on this platform. It is a website and app that is compatible with iOS and Android Operating System. Some of the fantasy esports games you can play on these platforms include League of legends, Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, and CS: GO.  

How to Win a Fantasy Esports? 

To boost your winning chances, select the best team. Follow these steps to increase your success chances when playing a fantasy esports game: 

  • Examine the betting odds at your selected bookie 
  • Go for more than one ticket 
  • Check the statistics 
  • Consider the value; meaning that you should get the best players for the best price
  • Look for the Most Effective Tactics Available (META)

Top Fantasy Esports Betting Games

  1. Dota 2 Betting
  2. League of Legends Betting
  3. Overwatch Betting
  4. Valorant Betting
  5. FIFA 2020 Betting
  6. Fortnite Betting
  7. Rocket League Betting
  8. Counter Strike Betting
  9. Call of Duty Betting

Esports Fantasy Betting Conclusion 

If you are looking to participate in fantasy esports betting, then you should note all the information provided above. As a reminder, the first step you need to take is to look for a reliable fantasy esports platform. Some of the sites we considered include Draftking, Draftbuff,, and others. Then, select a formidable team that you believe can excel at an upcoming esports event. Your chances of winning depend on your team’s performance.  

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