DOTA-2 Betting Sites & Game Review

By Jordan Gladstone
Dota 2 valve

Ask any experienced gamer what MOBA game they recommend and undoubtedly, they will mention DOTA 2. Since its release in 2013, it manages to maintain a monthly active user base of 11 million players 7 years later, proving that it has well withstood the test of time.

Dota 2

DOTA distinguishes itself from other popular standouts in the genre such as League of Legends through its entirely free-to-play system. Unlike League, DOTA offers all characters from the start, without the need for in-app purchases or countless hours of grinding.

The options may be overwhelming at first but, in my opinion, it makes the game much more beginner-friendly. 

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Dota 2 Betting options

Dota 2 is an exciting game that features multiplayer battle field arena genre. What makes this game exciting is that lots of players can take part and compete against each other. It can be played individually, in pairs or groups. Dota 2 is extremely popular worldwide, which is why it is among the games that are featured in online betting sites.


Dota 2 is perfect for online betting since bettors can choose from many players. They have options not limited to two players to bet on. They can choose from different teams and groups that compete. And since it is popular worldwide, there are competitions and tournaments being held. With this, bettors will never run out of Dota 2 games to bet on. Dota 2 is a game of strategy, so bettors will also have to strategize whenever they place their bets. This is perfect for the analytic bettors who love to think and analyze before placing bets.

Dota 2 will give online bettors the best online betting experience, as the game itself is exciting enough to watch. They get to try different types of bets that can increase their chances of winning. Betting in Dota 2 can also give bettors an idea of how the game works. Best of all, since there are tons of bettors in this game, the prizes increase. And this is what many bettors want from a game. The bigger prizes at stake, the more interesting betting becomes.

And lastly, if you are a bettor, you would not want to bet in a boring with no crowd game. Dota 2 is well-known, and its popularity alone can make the online betting world alive. It will attract more bettors, as they can see that there are lots of people betting on the games. Dota 2 will be the perfect game in Esports betting because of the varieties and excitement it can offer to bettors and betting site members. 

Dota 2 Betting Odds

Comparing the odds is an important factor when betting on Dota 2. The betting odds will help you strategize and know where to place your bets. However, Dota 2 betting odds can be complicated since there are a lot of players and teams to watch out for. There are also different competitions and tournaments that players join. It will be difficult to pinpoint the best player to bet on.


If you want to know the best odds in Dota 2, see which players and teams are popular. They could be popular because they win often or have good reputation and records in their games. Bettors bet on those players and teams that show good winning records in their games.

Aside from popularity and win records, bettors can also check on where most bettors place their bets. Keep in mind that there are bettors that know well in Dota 2. They have knowledge that you do not know yet. If you could follow their bets, then you might get good chances of winning.

Again, it is difficult to understand the betting odds of Dota 2 unless you do not follow the games, competitions and tournaments. You will also have to understand the game itself so you will know which players are playing well. Keep in mind that betting is not just about luck, it is also a game of strategy that if you can master, you will succeed in your betting games.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Quality Dota 2 Bets Site

There are important factors that you should look into before you join a Dota 2 Esports betting site. These factors will assure you that you are betting on a quality betting site that will give you the best betting experience. The important factors to consider include:


If you want safe and protected Dota 2 betting, then choose a betting site that has complete licenses. This means they are legit and have regulations that can protect you from scams and frauds.

Betting Variations

When betting on Dota 2, it is best to choose a betting site that offers different betting types. If they only offer one type of game to bet on, then your odds of winning can be low and it can be boring in the end.


Everyone loves bonuses. Choose a betting site that can give you special deals and bonuses. These are not just extras for you to use in betting on more games, but it can also push your goal to win more in your bets.

Compatible Banking Options

You cannot play and place bets unless you make deposits. Choose a site that accepts the banking option you want to use. This way, you can conveniently make deposits and withdrawals.

Dota 2 Bets Types

Dota 2 betting sites offer different types of betting so bettors can enjoy the game more. Choosing among many betting types can excite the bettors and make their betting experience fun. With Dota 2, there are several betting types to choose from. These are:


This is a common betting type where bettors will choose among the players or teams that they want to win. It is a winner-take-all type of bet, and this is what most newbie bettors choose to play. If your choice of team or player wins the game or competition, then you also win.

Map Betting

Dota 2 competitions can compose of different or several maps. If you want to lessen the risks, you can first bet on a certain map. Many betting sites offer map betting as it is fast-paced and can attract many bettors. With this type of betting, you can see how a team plays first. If you see that they play well on the first map, then you bet on them on the next map as well. This requires a strategy type of betting.

First Blood


With this type of betting, your choice of team or player to bet on should kill a hero of the opponent for you to win.

Kills Advantage

With this betting type, your choice of team or player needs to win against the opponent with the point advantage you have selected. If you choose team A to win with 3.5, then your team needs to win by four points or more.

Team Kills

This betting determines the team kills that your chosen team has made. You will choose a team and bet on the number of kills. If you bet on 30, then your chosen team should make 31 or more kills for you to win.

Courier Kills

In Dota 2, you can also choose whether a courier will get killed during a battle within a map or competition. Many betting sites offer this type of betting since it is simple and fast. The bettor simply needs to choose between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

This is the best thing about betting on Dota 2. You get to choose from many types of bet. In fact, other online betting sites have other betting options available. They create more choices so they can attract more Dota 2 bettors. More betting options can also mean more chances of winning, as long as your betting strategy is correct.

Dota 2 Betting FAQ

Is betting on Dota 2 legal?

Dota 2

Yes, it is legal. Dota 2 is a registered and licensed game, therefore it can be offered in online betting sites for betting. In fact, majority of online betting sites these days choose to offer Dota 2 and other popular Esports to attract more bettors and members. Dota 2 will not be offered in legit online betting sites if it is not legal. It is just important that members of the online betting sites abide by its rules and regulations. You are illegally betting on Dota 2 if you are below eighteen years old. There are sites that accept specific nationalities. Abiding by the rules and regulations of the betting site will give no problem to the bettors.

If you want legitimacy and reliability, then join legit and licensed online betting sites only. Do not risk your online safety by joining unlicensed sites. Keep in mind that legit sites will give protection to their members from scams and frauds online.

How to watch pro Dota 2 games to bet on?

Usually bettors and fans watch pro Dota 2 games on different platforms like YouTube and Live streams of the competitions and tournaments are shown in these platforms. These days, there are online betting sites that show live streams of the Dota 2 games that their bettors are betting on. It is better to join betting sites that show live streams of the games so you will get to watch the game itself where you have placed your bet.

Watching the Dota 2 games while placing your bet can be exciting. This is what many online betting sites are improving on as bettors look for sites where they can place bets on sports and watch the games at the same time. When a betting site can show the games live, then it attracts more bettors to join and place their bets not just on Dota 2 but also in other Esports.

Dota 2 Gameplay

Gameplay itself is relatively simple, the player chooses a hero and is matched with other users from around the world. Two teams of five heroes defend their base and attempt to push forward conquer the territory of the opposing team and destroy their “Ancient,” a tower located at the heart of their base. But unsurprisingly, DOTA 2 is much more than a simple matter of combat and conquering.


Beyond the basic mechanics rests an intricate and enrapturing game that has levels of depth far beyond initial expectations. It seamlessly incorporates features of both Role-Playing and Real-Time Strategy games to create a well-rounded player experience in each match. As a round progresses, the player gains experience to level up and unlock abilities and receives items to enhance their performance. The team that performs the best eventually overpowers the opposing team and achieves victory. 

Reading all this, a new player might believe that this game would be easy to pick up and grind your way to the top, but predictably, life is never quite so simple. DOTA 2 is a sophisticated and layered game that has a steep but surmountable learning curve the player must master, such learning the inner workings of your choice of over 100 heroes as well as countless items that, with the proper usage, can drastically enhance a hero’s stats and abilities.

Moreover, there are countless playstyles a user could learn based on personal preference, and different heroes and items to complement those styles. 

Dota 2 Around the World


Due in part to its excellent mechanics and endless replayability, DOTA 2 has established a massive esports betting scene over the years, with teams from all over the world competing in international tournaments and leagues. The most notable of which is the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) hosted by Valve, the game’s developer.

The participating teams participate to obtain an invitation to The International, Valve’s annual invitational tournament for the world’s best DOTA teams to compete for a multi-million-dollar prize pool. 

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Dota 2 Betting Conclusion

Despite its learning curve and seemingly intense competitive scene, the game welcomes players of all levels of skill and experience. Anyone willing to commit the time and energy to learning can achieve success and work their way up the ranks. DOTA 2 offers a wide variety of spectator options for viewing both pros and friends to make learning the ins and outs a breeze.

Even the most inexperienced player could learn a vast amount by simply watching a few games and learning the strategies and synergies implemented by more experienced players. All-in-all, DOTA 2 is a fantastic game that has well-earned its place as one of the most distinguished MOBAs around today and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in trying their hand at the genre. 

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