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One of the largest, fastest-growing, and most lucrative games of all time is the smash hit MOBA game known as League of Legends or LOL. This modern-classic real-time strategy game by Riot Games is one for the history books. If this game wasn’t already on your radar, hopefully, it will be once you hear the numbers. Firstly, after over a decade since its initial release, this game has not lost even a fraction of its momentum. Growing to a player count of over 100 million monthly users and over 50 million daily players, not to mention the vast options of League of Legends betting sites.

Additionally, Riot Games offers an international prize pool of over 75 million dollars in tournament winnings. With approximately 5 million dollars allocated to online tournaments and well over 65 million dollars allocated to in-person LAN tournaments hosted all over the world.

This, in combination with the fact that the game is constantly updated with new characters, items, and other content to keep things fresh, make it one of the most popular and consistent video games currently available. Any interested party, whether they be a gamer, esports spectator, or esports gambler, should always keep an eye on League of Legends (LOL) for a constant stream of earnings and entertainment. 

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League of Legends Betting

Xin Zhao LoL

After learning everything in this review, the average gambler should have a decent understanding of how to make educated bets on a match of League. With a constant schedule of competitive esports matches hosted by Riot Games almost every day of the year, there should be no shortage of opportunities for a betting man to make some wealth of their own on these multi-million dollar tournaments.

There are two notable tournaments by Riot Games. The first of which is the World Championship, in which 16 professional esports teams compete for the champion title and one million dollars in prize money annually.

The second tournament is the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). in the tournament, twenty teams compete in separated North American and European leagues with ten teams per region.

Both the World Championship and the LCS are “split” into two parts. One in the spring and one in the summer. Because of this separation and the fact that there are 36 teams across both leagues, there is never a dull moment in esports betting in the League of Legends betting and LOL Betting Odds competitive scene. 

The Appeal

league of legends

On top of the fact that League of Legends is both profitable and captivating and players can enjoy complete LOL betting odds review, it also offers an incredible level of depth and world-building to give players an ever-changing story to follow along to. The game currently contains over 140 playable champions and that list is constantly growing.

Each of these champions has their own intricate backstory, biographies, and relationships with other characters. All of which can be read about and watched in Riot Games’ growing series of short stories and video content. Each character comes from a different region of League of Legends’ massive world known as Runeterra, and each region has its own original weapons, artwork, maps, and residents.

All of this content gives players countless hours of lore to keep them intrigued beyond the expected entertainment provided by gameplay. Additionally, it gives the game a level of depth only a rare few games can hope to match and ensures players will find a story that only grows better with age, like that of fine wine. The overall story is fascinating, and can best be understood by combining the bits and pieces of lore provided by each individual champion’s backstory. Each of which gives only a fraction of the bigger picture. 

The Story

The story of Runeterra begins long before the beginning of time itself, an era in which the nightmarish creatures known as Watchers wandered the darkness of the void existing before the universe. But all that changed in an instant when suddenly, a spark appeared in the empty cosmos, and at this moment an epiphany occurred with the Watchers.

Not only did they become aware of their own existence/consciousness, but for the first time, they could see! Surprisingly, the Watchers were non too pleased with the appearance of the spark, and they proceeded to investigate this light which blinded them and disturbed their eternal calm. Upon investigating, they discovered that this light was in fact a window into a new reality. Inside which existed fascinating creatures such as Dragons of Twilight, Cosmic Beings, and even the embodiment of Death itself, to name a few.


As these creatures wandered the empty space, they left behind small pieces of themself. The light of which would grow to become stars, and the presence of these stars allowed for the growth of planets. The most notable planet to have formed in this process was Runeterra, a planet crafted by the Celestials to create life.


After a few millennia of terraforming and lore development, the era of champions arose, and the “present-day” of the League of Legends story comes to pass. First came the appearance of magical, animalistic creatures along the ocean floor, and not long after humans followed on the planet’s surface.

As life evolved, the Celestials began fiddling with mortal life, guiding them to their intended purposes. Simultaneously, the Watchers were plotting schemes of their own.

From their own little pocket of darkness, they began creating void rifts, holes in reality from which they could observe the evolution of Runeterra and the cosmos beyond. The humans, in a plot to seal the void rifts, enslaved the eldrich space dragon, Aurelion Sol, binding him to Runeterra to use against the Watchers.

In the ages that follow, the heroes of Runeterra and the corrupted agents of the Watchers plotted and schemed against each other until they were prepared for an all-out confrontation. The battles of which are fought out in a match of the League of Legends.


The Gameplay

Now that we understand the basics of the world of Runeterra, it’s time to cover how a match of League of Legends betting is played and understand the full LOL betting odds. The gameplay is simple to understand, yet quite difficult to master.

Two teams of five champions face off on a three-lane map called the Summoner’s Rift. This map has many levels of intricacy beyond that of a traditional MOBA. One example of this is the dispersed presence of brush which allows a player to camouflage themself from opposing players to allow for safe retreats or sneak-attacks.

nidalee LoL

Another example is that on top of the NPCs that constantly stream out of each team’s base, there are several clusters of NPC monsters scattered around the Summoner’s Rift, each of which gives players who beat them varying buffs. Having this option gives players varying strategies of how to win a match beyond constantly confronting opposing players head-on.

The goal of each team is to press forward through the map, demolishing the opposing team’s defense turrets and eventually destroying their Nexus to win the match. The team that can coordinate best, allocate resources between lanes most efficiently, and defeats opposing champions fastest will inevitably overtake their opponents’ territory first. Despite the fact that the gameplay of League of Legends is fairly easy to grasp, actually winning matches is much more difficult than it sounds.

With so many different strategies to victory, a player must learn how to weigh their various options to best fit the current circumstances of each match. A single player going for an NPC monster buff while the enemy team is advancing upon their turf can easily cost their whole team the match.

League of Legends Betting Conclusion

Overall, the massive appeal of League of Legends (LoL) for both players and gamblers alike make this game one that should be at the forefront of an esports follower’s attention. Despite the fact that the immersive depth of the story of League may seem irrelevant to gamblers, it is in fact the opposite.

Both Gamblers and gamers alike should appreciate that since the game offers endless amounts of replayability and enjoyment, players will never grow tired of it and there will always be a gaming & gambling scene to turn to in League of Legends and that will not be changing for the foreseeable future.

ashe league of legends

A game that offers only a momentary grab at the attention of the gaming scene is more of a fad than anything else and such a fad will never be a reliable place to turn for profit or amusement. The fact that Riot Games has created a place where players can find both an ever-growing story and an intensely captivating competitive scene means that League of Legends will remain a gaming legend in its own right throughout all of the history of modern gaming. 

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