Best Esports Betting Sites in Australia

Esports betting has grown to become a popular form of gambling in Australia, especially in the internet age. In other words, it is widely embraced because people now have unrestricted access to internet facilities. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of this type of betting is its convenience meaning that you can bet on eSports betting sites in the comfort of your room through your internet-enabled devices.

Sportsbooks today offer numerous options to gamers, these options include the forms of betting, choices of wagers, games to bet on, as well as virtually any sports in the world, including video games.  With that said, you can easily bet on eSports through a reliable and trustworthy betting site. 

If you are new to eSports betting, this is an opportunity to learn more about this unique type of gambling as we are going to take you through our full-fledged guide to eSports betting. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Esports Betting 

Esports betting is a competitive video gaming where players or teams play against each other.  Apart from the fact that it encourages fair competition among players, eSports is an exciting game.  

In the past, players can only bet on eSports within the Video gaming community.  Then, the sportsbook and the betting sites had not looked in the direction of competitive video gaming. Therefore, players who intend to bet on an online sport had to wager privately with other gamers.  

Rene esports betting news

A lot of people were willing to bet then, so it was not hard for punters to find a partner to make their wagers. However, it wasn’t the perfect way as bettors had to rely on the integrity and honesty of their co-bettors.

Pinnacle was the first gambling betting site to get involved in eSports betting. The betting site started offering eSports gambling in 2010.  After then, most of the top-rated gambling sites started to offer eSports betting.  

Pinnacle announced, in 2017, that it had taken up to 5 million wager on eSports. This shows that people have genuine interest in eSports betting, and it has come to stay.   

Some of the types of eSports betting in Australia that you should know include, social betting, challenge betting, real money betting, Esports Fantasy Betting, and so on.  Social betting involves betting privately with other individuals. Betting with someone you don’t really know is not advisable because it comes with a high risk. You should stick to your family members or friends, if you want to engage in social betting. 

In challenge betting, you engage in competition with other players for an agreed stake. Real money eSports betting is also known as fixed-odds eSports betting. All you need to engage in real money eSports betting is an experience in traditional sports. 

What Should I Look for in an Esports Betting Site? 

If you are planning to bet on an eSports betting site, you need to consider some factors. In this section, we will take you through some of the essential features that you must look for in an eSports betting site. Below are some of the vital quality you must consider before registering on an eSports platform:  

1. Ease of Use 

Before you sign up at any eSports site, you must determine if you can easily navigate the website. You won’t have to follow any guide or manual for page-to-page navigation of the website. Apart from that, the betting site must be able to load with delay.  The three words that define the ease-of-use of an eSports platform are intuitiveness, polish, and speed.  

2. Reputation 

Though online reviews might be confusing sometimes, you still have to consider them. Online reviews matter a lot as they tend to destroy or build the reputation of anything on the internet, including eSports gambling sites. Therefore, you should not take online reviews with a grain of salt as they tell you a lot about the reputation of a particular betting site. 

3. Betting Options Available 

Another essential factor that you should consider before registering on an eSports site is the betting options and Esports betting bonuses. These options are not limited to live bets and specials. The more, the better options on the platform, the better it is.

4. Quantity of eSports Market  

The quantity of the eSports market matters a lot. It must not be limited to Dota 2, LoL, and CS: GO bets alone. An eSports betting site in Australia must have numerous eSports markets, which should include both popular and those that are not well-known like Rocket League, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. 

How to Know If Esports Betting Sites Are Trustworthy? 

Before you decide to stake your bet on an eSports betting site, you need to know if it is trustworthy. Some factors will tell you if a platform is reliable or not.  If you are looking to stake your bet on an honest gambling site, you should note the following qualities:  

• Licence 

One of the signs that shows whether an eSports betting site is trustworthy or not is the license. Therefore, you must check if the gambling site holds a license from a reputable authority before registering. The licensing bodies have rules and regulations that licensees must follow. They are meant to protect the interest of both players(customers) and the operators. 

• Customer Care Support

The reliability and trustworthiness of an eSports gambling site also hinge on the quality of customer care service. Some gambling sites give their addresses; this means they don’t involve themselves in anything shady.  Furthermore, their customer care agents must be easily accessible and must be able to respond promptly via online chat, telephone, and email.  

• Payment Options

Another factor that players can use to judge the trustworthiness of an eSports platform is the payment options.  A reputable and reliable gambling site will provide a wide range of banking options, leaving its customers to make choices.  The payment options must be fast, secure, and convenient. Apart from that, it should not have any hidden charges.

Players sometimes go through a lot of stress when cashing out their winnings from a betting site.  This is quite frustrating and unacceptable.  A trustworthy eSports must allow its players to withdraw their winnings with delay.  Some of the fast and convenient withdrawal options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Visa, and many others. 

What Kind of Bets can I place on Esports Bookmakers? 

Like sports betting, eSports gambling allows punters to bet on an individual or a team of players.  Gamblers have the opportunity to pick who they think would win a match or tournament. Furthermore, there are several types of betting options for gamblers.

The simplest option in eSports betting is allowing punters to predict the overall winner. Below are the kinds of bets you can place on eSports sites: 

• Betting Outright 

As the name implies, this is a type of bet placed before the competition or tournaments. In this category, the most common bet is to predict the outright winner of the game. Apart from that, you can also place your bet on the team that will not make it to a certain tournament stage. Furthermore, another form of betting outright is to predict the players that will continue to the subsequent stage of the event. 

• Match Winner 

This is a simple and clear bet. It involves picking the winner of a particular match.  It is also a common type of bet that is usually placed by both new and experienced players.

Here, the Esports Betting odds are determined by the number of bets placed on the teams. It could also be dependent on the odd compiler a few days before the commencement of the match. 

• Totals 

This is a different type of bet. Punters usually bet on total points, total maps, total rounds, as well as total kills. Bear in mind that total betting has nothing to do with the result of the game.  Betting on totals has to do with the total stats of the event or match. 

Esports Betting in Australia 

Esports betting Australia

Legality in Australia

Australia contrary to the common belief is the number one country in the world that spends the most money on gambling, and has a higher percentage of gamblers in the world as compared to any other country. Esports betting which falls under the umbrella of online gambling is legal depending on which state you are in. As a federal country, each state is governed by both the federal laws and state laws.

On the issue of online gambling, states have the prerogative in determining the legality of it. Another complicated issue is that it is illegal for Australian gambling sites to offer real money gambling services to Australian customers. However, it is perfectly legal if these gambling sites are based overseas. 

Regulatory Authority in Australia

As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is important to note that the governance of Australia is unique in the sense that there are both federal and state authorities regulating affairs pertaining to Esports betting.

The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission is an independent body established by the federal government that regulates and monitors any activities being classified as gambling related. In this case, Esport betting is categorised under the ambit of online gambling. In the respective states, each state has its own regulatory authority to oversee affairs pertaining to online gambling. 

Laws around Esports betting in Australia

It is important to understand the laws governing Esports betting in Australia especially if you are a resident there. This is to ensure that you do not flout the rules unknowingly, resulting in your winnings being confiscated, or worse, to be prosecuted for such matters.

One of the important laws to note is the Gambling and Racing Control Act enacted in 1999. The Act provides for the continued administration of certain Acts relating to gambling and racing, but more importantly, establishes the power of the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, the main regulatory authority in Australia. 

Esports market size

rocket league

Australia is home to one of the largest gambling populations in the world! 80% of Australians have been found to engage in some form of gambling activity. It is such a lucrative industry in Australia that Southern Australia decided to impose a 15% tax to all gambling transactions punters undertake while living in the state.

The growth of Esports in Australia is incredible with regular tournaments of CS:GO,  COD, and Mario Kart, which Melbourne’s very own Crown Casino boosted. The events hosted by the casino ranges anywhere from $56 to $500 a ticket. 

The Esports betting industry was also postulated to attain 1.07 billion in the next couple of year. Annual growths average about 25% according to multiple sources, with a postulated annual growth of 40% Year-on-Year. As a comparison, there are very few economic niches that can match such impressive statistical data. 

Betting on Esports

An estimated 150 million people watch Esports events, while there are other companies that have corrected this figure to be at 180 million. Around 55% of Australians spend money on games, and on average they spent about 175 USD per player per year. The total revenue of gaming surmounts to an impressive 1.2 billion USD, and continues to grow annually.

This makes Australia a market with a huge upside potential that is waiting to be tapped into. However, there are several issues that hamper Australia’s ability to participate in Esports.

One, its relative geographic isolation from the rest of the world results in higher latency and general unsuitability for the hosting and participating in international competitions. Two, internet speeds in Australia are not much better than the world average, and are below most of the world’s developed countries. Three, data caps imposed by many ISPs also limit the ability to download regular game updates, many of which are substantial. 

Nevertheless, all is not grim for Australia. Given the advancement in technology, all these existing technological gaps would definitely be resolved in time to come. This would definitely help unleash Australia’s true potential as an Esports powerhouse. 


Advantages of Australia Esports Betting Sites 

Esports betting comes with several benefits. Apart from the fact that it is a booming industry, it is also a perfect choice for gamers looking for something different. Furthermore, eSports are readily available as there are numerous Sportsbooks that offer different eSports categories to bet on.  Below are some significant advantages of eSports betting. 

  • It is easily accessible.

One of the benefits of eSports betting is it is easy to access. As a result, a lot of people view eSports tournaments.  For instance, the League of the Legend World Championship in 2019 attracted about 100 million viewers.  

  • It is a rapidly expanding market place.

The eSports betting market is on a steady increase. This is a remarkable feat when you consider the fact that it is a relatively new sport.  Furthermore, there is no indication of growth stopping in terms of the number of audience or participants as it continues to expand yearly.  

Also, the game can be played throughout the year, so you don’t need to wait for a season to commence.  Besides, eSports features numerous games; therefore, eSports has something all categories of gamers. So check out these best LoL betting sites and best Valorant betting sites

  • You can bet with cryptocurrency

Some of the accepted cryptocurrencies on eSports betting platforms include Ethereum and Bitcoin. Also, there is a specialized crypto known as SkinCoin.  Apart from making the eSports more accessible, it offers additional ways to bet. 

  • eSports betting sites always have something new

Like other software in the gaming industry, eSports software is constantly undergoing maintenance and evaluation.  This involves improving and making other changes to the game. These changes might include the addition of new features, items, characters, among others. Furthermore, new games are continually being added to the eSports Portfolio.

Disadvantages of Esports Betting Sites 

Despite its numerous advantages, eSports betting comes with some drawbacks.  In this section, we will take you through a few disadvantages associated with eSports betting. 

  • Addiction

Esports can lead to gaming disorder.  According to the World Health Organization, gaming disorder is described as impaired control over gaming, as well as given preference to gaming over other essential activities. Addiction should be identified and controlled on time before it gets out of hand. 

  • Health Risks 

Esports gaming some health risks that are associated with sitting for a long time. To minimize this health risk, maintain a proper sitting posture while sitting, and spend more time exercising. Some of the health complications that have been linked with being sedentary for a long time include Heart Diseases, Metabolic Syndrome, Mental Health, Cancer, Muscle degeneration, among others.

  • Match-Fixing 

Match-fixing in eSports means determining the results of a game before being played. In other words, the outcome of the game is known before its commencement. This is a corrupt practice and should not be encouraged.  

  • Cheating 

Like other games, players indulge in cheating in eSports games. And, there is no perfect solution to put an end to cheating in eSports games.

Best Esports Games to Bet On

  1. Dota 2 Betting
  2. League of Legends Betting
  3. Overwatch Betting
  4. Valorant Betting
  5. FIFA 2020 Betting
  6. Fortnite Betting
  7. Rocket League Betting
  8. Counter Strike Betting
  9. Call of Duty Betting


We have covered all the essential aspects that you need to know about eSports Betting in Australia.  Some of the areas covered include gambling laws around eSports betting, merits and demerits of eSports gambling, and payment methods on this platform. 

All in all, this page serves as a complete guide for players who aim to bet on eSports games. 

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