WoW Guilds 2021

The WoW Guilds 2021 provides an avenue for esports enthusiasts to express themselves. It is a great advantage for players who love to play World of Warcraft as it features fascinating world of warcraft actions.  

Furthermore, you can also take part in WoW betting on any of the top guilds. If you are on the lookout for one of the best WoW guilds 2021, then you are on the right page. This article discusses the top 10 World of Warcraft Guilds in 2021 that you need to know:  

Best 10 Wow Guilds 2021 

We have carefully selected the top 10 WoW guilds in the world. You will learn more about their achievements, qualities, jurisdiction, and many more. Here are the top World of Warcraft Guilds to consider when looking to bet on WoW Guild 2021: 

Complexity – Limit: NA – Illidan 

At the moment, this is the best world of warcraft globe around the globe. The guild was formed in 2015, and it has recorded a lot of achievements. Their trophy cabinet consists of several world bests.  

Recently, the guild has achieved the worlds first kills in Ny’alotha and Castle Nathria. They employ the best esports methodology and are trained to be exceptional. Their official website is, while their Twitter is @LimitGold. 

Echo: EU – Tarren Mill 

Echo is another top WoW Guild to consider in 2021. It stems from some erstwhile members of Method. This group was found following the controversy with method. They qualified as one of the best WoW worldwide when we consider their experience in their former guild and the fact that they are leading in the recent raids.  

Pieces: EU – Stormscales 

Another top World of Warcraft guild in 2021 that is worth considering is the pieces. No doubt, they have secured a place at the top when we consider their performance and experience. The guild was formed over a decade ago and it makes esports betting odds up till now. This feat requires a certain level of skill and dedication.  

FatSharkYes: EU- Kazzak

FatSharkYes is an outstanding group that calls themselves the undisputed world number four. Hence, they take the fourth rank. Following their expansion, the guild has regularly emerged as one of the top five in Mystic Raids. In Mythic Castle Nathria in Shadowlands, they took fourth place.  

Exorsus: EU – RU – Howling Fjord

Exorsus is undoubtedly the best World of Warcraft in Russia.  Furthermore, it is one of the best guilds in Mystic Raids.  Also, they decided to change Alliance in response to the damage in the Shadowlands contents.  

This guild is determined to make themselves the dream guild for esports betting around the world. 

Method: EU – Twisting Nether 


Despite the several controversies emanating from this guild, they are still one of the best WoW Guilds in 2021. The guild split when one of its top members was accused of several shady acts. 

In the past, the guild could boast of many of the world first skills, but they have a slim chance of reaching the top anytime soon going by the recent controversy. 

BDGG: NA – Illidan 

BDGG stands for Big Dumb Gaming Golden Guardian. Two top US-based guilds come together to form BDGG; they are Big Dumb Gaming and Golden Guardians.  As a result of this partnership, the guild has secured the number two position in the United States and they also qualify as one of the best 10 in the world.  

Practice: EU –Ragnaros 

This guild is a perfect choice for esports lovers, especially those with keen interests in the World of Warcraft. Practice was formed on the Ragnaros server in 2019 and has managed to maintain a top spot.  

In two years of their operation, they have maintained the top 10 spots in the Mystic Raid. Furthermore, they were the tenth guild in both the Eternal Place and Denathrius. 


Aversion: EU – DE – Blackhand 

If you are looking for a top guild in Europe, you should consider Aversion. It is the best raiding guild to emanate from Germany. The guild makes use of a new server, Blackhand. They have become stronger as a result of this new addition.   

Aversion has regularly found a spot in the top ten world of warcraft guilds following the battle for Azeroth expansion. And, they secured the ninth spot in Denathrius. The official website for this guild is


Memento: EU – Stormreaver

The memento was formed in 2018. They started as the WoW classic guild but later made a switch to the current version of the game.  Memento is yet to get any World first kills, but they are working hard to gain more experience and strength.  

world of warcraft Guilds Conclusion 

Based on our review above, complexity is the world best WoW guild, while the memento takes the tenth spot. One feature common to all these guilds strength and experience. If you are an esports bettor looking for the world best WoW guild, consider our top ten selections above.  

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