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Valorant betting review by René Treur

The initial Valorant Hype looks to have calmed down. While the first competitive tournaments -after the beta stage- have taken place. Several pro CS:GO players and teams have made the transition already. Time to make up the balance for Riots Shooter and see where it stands for myself.

Image: Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, with superhuman special abilities on top of the realistic-looking weaponry. I have taken an interest to Valorant ever since Riot Games announced to make a shooter under the codename Project A in October 2019.

The game was said to be the first real successor for Counter-Strike and it’s 3rd game incarnation (or fourth, if you count Condition Zero) CS:Global Offensive.

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Valorant Betting

Valorant is a multi-player shooter field game, which is just new in the Esports world. It easily attracted the attention of gamers because of its solid gunplay features. But as its popularity is growing, it is also becoming known in online Esports betting scene. Today more online betting sites are offering betting games for the game Valorant. There are many reasons Valorant is ideal for Esports betting.



This game now has lots of tournaments going on and this is good for betting sites as they can feature a lot of Valorant games for their bettors to bet on.

Few Bettors

When a game has few bettors, the prize at stake can be bigger. Since this is a relatively new Esports game, it is not yet known to many people. Few bettors can also mean lesser crowd in betting. If you are a bettor who does not want too much crowd when placing bets, then Valorant is the game that you can check out and bet on.

Live Betting

Since there are Valorant Betting tournaments and competitions, live betting is possible. Online betting sites can allow bettors to place bets even while the game is on progress.

Getting Bigger

As Valorant is still new in the Esports world, it keeps on improving and becoming bigger. This is the chance for the online betting sites to take advantage of what changes that may happen to Valorant. With the changes, online betting sites can also improve on what they can offer to their bettors.


Bettors love exciting Esports games. It attracts them to keep on betting and tuning in to the games. Valorant Betting is an action-packed and exciting game to watch and play. The excitement can be doubled when you place your bets on the different betting types offered by the online betting sites.

Valorant Betting Odds

Understanding the betting odds in Valorant means that you also understand how the game works. It is because you cannot place a good bet when you do not know what is happening in the game. The esports betting odds on Valorant depend on how the players play and perform. There is really no specific strategy that one can stick with in this game because the players are the ones making their game tactics. But here are few betting tips that can somehow help you in making the choice.

Better Playing Players

volorant graphics
Image: Riot Games

Observe on who among the players wins often and play better than the rest. These are players that you should bet on more. With them, you can be sure of wins, especially if you are betting on the moneyline type of bet.

Analyze the Past Bets

Checking on past bets and see which player got the most bets can help you decide on who to bet on. The player with the highest number of bets in the past could be someone who plays well and has been winning most of the time. Following the trend in betting will lessen the betting risks.

Analyze the Types of Betting

When you look into the different betting in Valorant, you will see which ones will be easier for you to place bets on. Find the ones that you can be comfortable playing with. This way, you can easily do a tactic for your betting where you can be good at and possibly win often from.

Key Features of a Quality Valorant Betting Site

There may be a lot of online betting sites that offer Valorant Esports betting, but it is always best to know which ones have the better quality. These are the ones that you should join and place bets on not just on Valorant but also in other Esports betting games and casino games. Here are the key features of a quality Valorant Esports betting site.

Multiple Betting Types

It is important that the site offers different betting types for Valorant and you are also entitled to an esports betting bonus if you select the right site. This is just fitting, as there are so many things to bet on in a Valorant game. Bettors can bet on the winner of the match, number of kills and many others. More betting types mean excitement and variation in the betting games.

The spike planting, weapon economy and maps all very closely resemble CS, and the balance was off in some maps at first but Riot has been actively finetuning characters and nerfing abilities that were considered OP (overpowered).

Especially that competitive map balance is very important if you want to carve your titles name in the esports hall of fame, in my experience. Mind games, strategies, communication and mechanical skill seem balanced enough to all play their part in Valorant.

Live Betting

It is always better to find a site that offers live betting. This is your way to watch the match while placing your bets. This is more exciting and watching the match will give you a better view on how your bets are going.

Live Streaming

Choose a site that shows live streaming of the matches and competitions. Not all online betting sites have this feature and it will be better if you can find one, as you will not have to watch the matches on a different platform while you place your bets in the online betting site.

Joining online betting sites to bet on Valorant can be exciting, but in order to get the best betting experience you want, look for these features in the sites first. Research will help you land on a great quality betting site.

Types of Bets You can Place on Valorant

Unlike with other casino games that you only have one choice of betting to take, with esports, it is a different thing. There are many betting types that bettors can choose from in the game of Valorant. These are:

Match Winner

This type of betting will allow bettors to choose who they think will win the match. This is the most common betting type chosen by many bettors because it is straightforward.


Map Winner

For Valorant, players play in different maps. With this betting type, bettor can bet on the winner of a certain map. A match can comprise different maps and you can place bets on each map, even with different players.

Live Betting

Live betting is exciting and has become a favorite among bettors of not only Valorant but also other Esports. Therefore, it is a plus if the betting site you have joined has this feature. Live betting will allow bettors to place bets while the match is ongoing. With this, you can watch the match while seeing and analyzing your bets. The sites that offer live betting are those with live streaming features.

First Blood

This type of betting allows the bettor to bet on a team that draws first blood. It can be for the round, match or the competition depending on what is offered by the betting site.

Spike Plant

This is not a common bet being offered by many betting sites. But if the site you joined is offering it, then you will find the betting exciting and a bit different. With this betting type, bettors will bet whether the attackers will plant a spike for the next round or match.

There are other types of betting that other sites have introduced. With a multi-level of gunplay and abilities like Valorant, creating betting types will be easy for the sites. Choosing the site that you will join will be vital in achieving a fun experience in Valorant betting. You can check on the betting types being offered by a site and choose the one that can give you variations and choices. This way, your betting experience will not be boring as you can switch from one betting type to another.

Valorant Betting FAQ

Is betting on Valorant legal?

Yes, betting on Valorant is legit and accepted. This Esports game is licensed and if a licensed online betting site is offering betting for this game, then it is totally legal. The only irregularity that can be seen is when the members of the online betting sites are not abiding by their rules and regulations, specifically their age, nationality and location.

Valorant may not yet be available in some countries, and betting on it in these areas may have some irregularities with it. So, it is important to know much about the game to make sure you are accessing a legal site to bet on. And the betting site that you should look for and join should always be licensed and legit. This will help you get a safe and fun experience Valorant Esports betting. Keep in mind that accessing an illegal site can put you at risk from online scams.

How to watch pro Valorant games to bet on?

Many gamers and Esports enthusiasts watch Esports games like Valorant on Twitch, the largest platform that live streams Esports games. This can cover all Valorant tournaments and competitions. Another way to watch Valorant games is to find a gaming operator that streams the games in their channels. Or you can also find online betting sites that have live streaming features of Valorant. Video streaming apps and sites can also show Valorant games like YouTube and even social media sites like Facebook. As long as there are people who stream the games live, then fans and online bettors can watch the Valorant games and tournaments.

Though not all betting sites have live streaming features, there are still a few that you can find online. It is best to join these betting sites, as you will also be able to do live betting on Valorant and other Esports games. Research on the features of the betting site will help you find the one that can give you live streams of Valorant games.

Valorant Features

My interest stems from multiple factors;

  • The fact that my career in esports started as a Counter-Strike player, and while I’m known as the FIFA and PES commentator/host of the Netherlands and Belgium my commentary career also started out with CS 1.6.
  • Valorant not only looked interesting during Beta Phase -many titles before did peak my interest, such as r6s and overwatch-. But the idea that a huge company like Riot, rooted firmly in the world of esports and with a track record of setting up successful global events made my imagination run wild.

You can imagine I had huge confidence in this game becoming the next big thing from the get-go, at the end of this article I will let you know whether that is still the case after playing for a few weeks.


The first things that catch the eye when playing or watching this game, are the cartoony graphics.
This is a smart choice when looking at it from esports betting perspective -as I always do-. Because one of the main reasons TV production companies around the world haven’t been pounding out televised CS:GO leagues -like they have with the likes of FIFA, F1 and PES- is the realism of the violence.
It helps smooth over the violence discussion because it’s all clearly a fantasy world which makes it ones of the most popular esports fantasy betting options.
This feeling is enforced by the special abilities of the characters. It all has a very Overwatch type of vibe, especially with characters using one-liners during play giving it a bit of a feel good atmosphere.


I love how you can easily buy weapons for teammates and don’t have to juggle them around. Also mistakes on buying equipment isn’t punished like in CS as you can sell the weapons back if you feel like going for a different option.

Sova valorant

On the weapons we can easily draw comparisons to the games that inspired Riot to dip their feet into the FPS waters. Much as in Call of Duty titles, there’s an aim-down-sights mode for any available weapon for a slightly increased zoom and accuracy.

CS was probably the inspiration for recoil, although the patterns aren’t easily mastered, as Riot managed to put some randomness in there which isn’t just simply countered by dragging the mouse in a certain direction the way you could in Valves esports mastodon.

This means you will need to position wisely, and can only properly spray down one or multiple targets at close proximity, and at range you will need to be patient and burst/tap at a lower rate. It gives a tactical edge to Valorant, although I think some hardcore CS pro’s that don’t enjoy Valorant as much might claim this lowers the skill ceiling for players with insane mechanical abilities.


As far as maps go, I could only have hoped for a few more.
Currently we have Bind, Haven, Split and Ascent, visually appealing and good balance, with many opportunities to use the special abilities and weapons in creative ways.

From the Beta phase to the initial release they added just one to the three existing maps, but I imagine Riot will definitely keep bringing out new maps.


valorant The latest map, Ascent
The latest map, Ascent Image: Riot Games


For the 11 agents, I could write a complete article, but suffice to say Riot is doing well nerfing and finetuning them, and any FPS fan will find several characters they like. Highlight reels will look as impressive as the best ones in other shooters, especially with some of the crazy abilities coming into play. 

After playing the game myself for a few weeks, I decided to reach out to someone I know who played competitively with a team from the start of the Beta phase, to compare notes and make this review more complete. Walead “InTeNsZz” Anwar, who played Counter-Strike at a very competitive level and managed to win some Dutch LAN-tournaments in the past, was glad to oblige, find the mini-interview below;

Interview with Valorant player:

Hi Walead, what was your first impression of Valorant, and has that changed when you started playing seriously?

I started playing during the Beta, my first impression was that it looked very cartoonish, and after playing CSGO and COD. I didn’t like it at first. But when I started playing, I really got the CS1.6 feeling, and I actually started to like it a lot. The serious part didn’t come until later, when many friends started playing it and certain sites started hosting tournaments.

How do you feel Valorant compares to CS:GO?

I played CS from 1.3, and I was honestly done with it in the end. After that I tried a lot of new games like PUBG, Rust, Fortnite and COD, but nowhere could I really get that competitive feeling that attracted me so much in CSGO. Valorant is the first game where I really feel that challenge to perform and see how far I can get with it.

What are your plans with Valorant, will you play for fun mostly or actually try and reach a high competitive level?

No, the plan is to really perform in Valorant. We recently revived the old clan CEA! (Champions esports Association) with a Valorant line up, consisting of some old CSGO names and some new talents. Yesterday we won our first online tournament at, so there is certainly potential.

Mouspro, Ynns, Snevs, Splurge, Space invader and InTeNsZz

Congratulations my friend, seems like you still have some of the old moves! Do you think the game has a long lasting future ahead, or even decades at the top of the esports food chain, or will it ever reach those heights?

I sincerely hope so! The problem with many new games is that the designers keep adjusting and making things up. I hope that Valorant keeps the game clean, and focuses on the competitive part and that it doesn’t become a Fortnite game with all kinds of strange skins and updates. In my experience, that was always the strength of CSGO. There were some map updates every now and then, but they did not turn it into a spectacle.

Thank you, gl & hf!

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Valorant Betting review conclusion


I have to say after a few weeks I already feel the same spark that Walead is talking about. This game has managed to reignite a flame in me that I haven’t felt for a long time. Not since Counter-Strike have I ever felt the urge to master several aspects of a game. With my girlfriend and my own company, as well as a few other big projects demanding a lot of time I can’t create a team and give it a real shot at competing.

But I imagine if I was 15 years younger, I would play this game 4-5 times a week and really have a go at it. The clutch situations create an adrenaline rush I haven’t felt since CS1.6, and trounces killing 7 guys in a row in say, COD MW.

 Anyone out there who wants to play a great tactical FPS title with a team should definitely try this game out!

It’s hard to master to the level where you can compete for titles, but if you love climbing a skill mountain get your grinding boots on and start your adventure!

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